Poet and Vuj VS Gamers Illustrations

Client: Grizzle and COPA90

I was thrilled to be asked by COPA90 once again to create illustrations of their energetic hosts, Poet and Vuj. The illustrations were used as part of the promotion for Poet and Vuj 'taking over' the Hyundai Fan Dome, leading up to Euro 2016.

Roger Wade Illustration - Poet and Vuj illustration

This time Poet and Vuj took on professional gamers: (from the left) MiniMinter; Manny; Calfreezy; Tobjzl; and Zerkaa on PES at the Hyundai Fan Dome during the Euro 2016 championships.

Roger Wade Illustration - Gamers illustration
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© Roger Wade 2013-2020
© Roger Wade 2013-2020